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Water Blocking Tapes

Water Blocking Tapes are made from Non-Woven Polyester Fabric, Polyacrylate Swelling Powder (SAP) and Corrosion Inhibitor, to
revent longitudinal penetration of water into cable core. 


Water Blocking Tapes

Water blocking is provided by the Super Absorbent Powder (SAP), which turns water into a gel upon contact with water.


  • Replacement of flooding compound
  • General water blocking and bedding for all Power cables
  • Water blocking reinforcement around cable’s central members
  • Longitudinal water blocking of screen area of cables
  • Under radial barriers

Water Blocking Tape

Designed for HV & MV Power, Fiber Optical, Data, Telecom and Special cables.

Key features
  • Non-conductive and Semi-conductive performance
  • High water swelling speed for different requirements
  • Low weight
  • High strength for helical application
  • Thickness from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm
  • Presented in various forms: Pads, Spools and Jumbo Spools
  • Available big OD to reduce production downtime
Range of products

Our Waterblocking Tape range consists of:


  • Non-conductive Waterblocking Tape: single and double layer

  • Semi-conductive Waterblocking Tape: single and double layer

  • Reinforced Non-conductive Waterblocking Tape

  • Reinforced Semi-conductive Waterblocking Tape

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