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Mica Tape

Phlogopite and muscovite tapes for fire resistant cable applications, has outstanding flame resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties at high temperatures.


Mica Tape

Flame retardant Phlogopite and Muscovite (Calcined) Mica tapes can be used as a barrier between the flame and the flammable insulated conductor/insulation inside the cable, providing a fire retardant function at high temperatures.


  • Insulation of cable, when it is directly exposed to flame in case of fire.
  • Mica tape is generally applied onto conductive core or sometimes onto insulation of multipaired cores.
  • Designed for flame retardant Power, Control, Instrumentation, Signal, Marine cables.

Mica Tape

Mica tapes maintain the integrity of the cable during and after exposure to fire, increasing the time of cable’s flame resistance and its functional duration.

Comply with the fire survival requirements of IEC 60332. Muscovite Mica (Calcined) tapes have better electrical insulation than Phlogopite and are better for applications where dielectric strength is needed due to high temperatures.

Key features
  • Reinforced with high temperature silicon Resin.
  • Zero halogen emission 
  • Phlogopite 800ºC
  • Muscovite 1000ºC
Range of products
  • Phlogopite Mica Tape
  • Muscovite Mica Tape
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