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Cotton filler cords

It is a low-cost solution that could be an advantage when creating long wiring lines that do not require extreme durability.


Cotton filler cords

Cotton filler cords are effective filler for flexible cables, as cotton is not as rigid as plastic fillers. 


  • Filler of central member of Power cables.
Key features
  • Cotton Filler cords for the central member of the cable.  From 1,2mm to 8mm thickness, different  types of cotton material  and different coatings that customers request (waterproof, flame retardant and others)

  • Special coatings are available (waterproof, flame retardant and others)
Range of products
  • 85% Cotton and 15% Polyester
  • 67% Cotton and 33% Polyester
  • 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Polyester fibers cotton filler cords and ropes


Cotton filler cords: We work with different types of cotton tailor made for the customer. 100% Cotton, Cotton Polyester (85% -15%), Recycled Cotton.

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