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Premium Products

Variety of textile products with the highest quality, for different applications in the cable sector.

Water Swellable Yarns,
Cords and Ropes

Water Swellable Soft Yarns are you own product. Are our own product that we need to devote maximum time and content to.

Water Blocking Tapes

The cables are better protected against water ingress and cost more efficient.

Cotton filler cords

Cotton Filler Cords for the Central Member of the cable.  From1,2mm to 8mm thickness.

Mica Tape

Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica Tapes for Fire resistant cable applications.

Woven and Non-Woven binding tapes

Non Woven Polyester Non Conductive and Semi Conductive Non woventapes, Semi Conductive Nylon Tapes perform bedding.

Polyester and Aramid ripcords

Aramid and Polyester Ripcords are designed for separation of the sheating of different cables types through ripping or tearing the Cable jacket.


Water Blocking Flat Yarns

Flat Construction Geometry is ideal for Fiber Optic Cables where Waterblocking effectsensures a uniform distribution.

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